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Keep Your Boat Maintained

Keep your boat running in top condition by maintaining your boat and preventing small issues from becoming big issues. After all, finding and preventing a problem before it happens can mean the difference between being stranded and making it back safely!

Regular Maintenance Is Cheaper Than None

From changing your lower unit gear lube to replacing your water pump every two years, boats take a lot of maintenance to prevent costly repairs. It is important to remember that, unlike a car or truck, the water you are running your boat on is the same water cooling your engine. Saltwater is hard on all your boat parts so your engine needs to be serviced regularly, along with your water pumps, thermostats, and poppet valves. 

Keep Your Boat In The Water

It is very common for mud, rocks, and other debris to get sucked up into your boat's cooling system, causing the erosion of the rubber impeller in the water pump and blockages in the cooling system, resulting in overheating and powerhead failure. Keep your boat on the water instead of being stuck on your driveway with proper maintenance at Randy's Marine!
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